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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Getting Ready for the outdoor golf season

Many of us spend 3 -4 months staring at our clubs collecting dust in the corner, however some have found the benefits of swinging with the aid of indoor golf simulators over the winter.

After 3 months of cold frigid temperatures how do you prepare yourself for that first day of outdoor golf in the spring. The transition can be deceptive from indoor to outdoor golf, "there are no more perfect lies, calm conditions, and dry ground" says the owner of The Golfer's Academy in Burlington, Ontario. "The best way to get ready for that first round is make the course conditions a little tougher, add some wind, change the ground conditions, to simulate what you will be playing in outdoors and maybe if you feel the urge shorten your putting gimme range".

One must remember that keeping the clubs swinging throughout the winter is a great teaching aid as well as a way to stay loose and fit through those long cold months. What better way to play some of the top courses, such as Pebble Beach, St. Andrews and TPC Sawgrass with out those expensive airline flights and hotel costs.

Another way to prepare for the spring golf season is to get in shape during the winter. If you are a golfer you know that bulking up is not ideal for a golfers swing. We have seen so many professional golfers talk about the benefits of working in Pilates, and Yoga into their fitness regime. Gina Faubert of Serenity Valley Studio in Burlington says "the key to power comes from the core, and Pilates gives you that, while yoga benefits flexibility and rotation which is key to generating the power to compress the golf ball at impact."

We all know that nothing will replace a great 4 hour walk while playing a round of golf in 80 degree weather, but the next best thing for those that live in colder climates is to find a good indoor training facility to keep practicing your golf game.


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