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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Golf conditioning

Golf Conditioning

How Golf Conditioning with Pilates can improve Your Game:

Improved Concentration

Using Control to swing from a strong core.

Precision of movement, not momentum.

Increased strength and stamina.

Improved Flexibility

Prevent and Relieve tension and pain that interfere with your game.

Winter Golf Conditioning at Serenity Valley

Serenity Valley Studio in Burlington, Ontario is the most unique golf conditioning facility in the area. You can play a round of golf on PGA Tour golf simulator, have lesson with a CPGA pro, or focus on your fitness to improve your game in a personal training session, all under one roof!  Imagine… professional trainers and state of the art equipment just minutes away.  Perfect for golfers of all ages and genders, and especially those looking for privacy while they improve their game.

About Golf Conditioning…

At Serenity Valley their golf conditioning programs begin just like their personal training packages which include a full body assessment of posture, gait, flexibility and strength, plus they include a swing analysis on the simulator.  Their swing analysis records your swing and they play it back step by step to discuss how becoming more flexible or increasing strength in certain areas will create a better result in the golf swing.

For your first training session they’ll ask you to hit a few balls, next they’ll take you through your personalized fitness program, then move back into the simulator to compare your swing and see how things have changed in just an hour.  Most people see a gain of at least 10  - 20 yards immediately.

At the studio they will incorporate Pilates, along with traditional stretching and strength based exercises into their programs based on new methods of training from top golf professionals.  Pilates has been shown to significantly improve flexibility, core strength and freedom of movement. All aspects that are essential to a controlled, smooth, more powerful golf swing. Professional golfers like Tiger Woods, David Duval, Annika Sörenstam, Rich Beem, and Rocco Mediat have all discovered how Pilates can improve their game.  Now it’s your turn.

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