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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Small Rooms and Cheap Simulators Why?

To often we hear complaints from our members that they have visited so many other indoor centres only to be dissatisfied with the technology and the fact that the rooms are so small that they do not enjoy swinging indoors.

We understand the reason is that most places are out to make a quick dollar but at what expense to the golfer. Why is it that a indoor centre can charge $40 p/hour for low end technology and small room sizes and people are willing to pay for this.

I think that we need to understand the difference in the technologies out there and that people should understand what they are paying for.

Post comments on where you have gone and your experience to these centres lets be honest radar and infrared tracking are a thing of the past if your going to charge the same as a real training centre then buck up and spend some money on real technology.

Here is a few pictures of what people should be building when calling themselves an indoor golf centre.

20W x 12H x 30L sim bays
Old scottish clubhouse feel (pine boards)

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